Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Skunkworks_Waxed Jacket

I heard about this 100% natural wax and immediately ordered some. I've never really been interested in DIY projects, but this appealed to me since there is a purpose / function to the end result.

(Under $20.)

(Don't forget...leave the paper wrapper on the bar of wax, so it doesn't get all over your hands when you use it.)

A while back I posted about a really cool jacket I own.

Well I decided to use that same jacket as my test subject...and I wanted to give it a serious wax coating. This sucker is now fully waterproof.

(I really like how beat up this looks. For the record, I did not clean the jacket before hand, in the hopes it would turn out as rugged looking as it did.)

There are some videos online for how this is done, but I can tell you it was pretty simple. Buy the wax, apply the wax, let the wax dry.

(I used an entire bar on this one jacket - could be mistaken for leather.)

I was prepared to wait until Winter to really put this to the test, but we still have snow in the forecast here in Colorado so who knows...may get the chance sooner than I planned.

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