Sunday, April 14, 2013

Waxed Cotton Fatigue Jacket

Sometimes called a Field Jacket, Utility Jacket, or a Safari Jacket.

This was a gift from a friend, a designer for RLX, and I've done my best to wear the hell out of it. I think it's broken in nicely.

This jacket is a tailored fit, but it isn't restrictive. It's comfortable.

(Throat latch.)

It's durable and heavy, yet works in cool and warmer weather alike.


Besides the fit the jacket is great for it's details.

(Collar Stitching)

(Elbow pads)


(Built to last - gets better with age)

I wear this jacket too much, but then again it can be worn for everything. To work, with a suit, you could wear it camping or to the game. 

Incredibly versatile piece here, a forever piece. I was fortunate to receive this as a gift but it's something worth investing belongs in your library.

Looks really good with a hoodie sweater underneath, and jeans by the way.


  1. Looks like an alternate version of what Luke wore on Dagobah.

  2. I agree...